Needle & Tool Guidance

DeepSight’s proprietary NeedleVue™ solution represents a revolutionary advancement in ultrasound-assisted needle guidance technology, poised to redefine a wide spectrum of interventional procedures, ranging from biopsies to drug delivery and regional anesthesia. It addresses the critical demand for accurate localization of minimally invasive devices under ultrasound guidance.

By integrating innovative sensor technology with most interventional devices, NeedleVue enables real-time verification of device placement, substantially minimizing procedural uncertainty. Traditional methods frequently face challenges, including complex calibration processes, diminished sensitivity, and the requirement for exact angles of incidence. In contrast, NeedleVue offers enhancements in all these areas with its omnidirectional capability at any conceivable ultrasound depth. This feature enhances functionality and user-friendliness, establishing NeedleVue as a genuine “plug-and-play” solution that streamlines and optimizes the interventional workflow.

Advantages of NeedleVue include:

  • Unparalleled Precision: Achieving confident results by eliminating guesswork and ensuring system that eliminates the need for complicated setups or extensive training
  • NeedleVue™ Image Generation: A unique attribute of DeepSight’s NeedleVue Solution is the ability to generate high-resolution ultrasound imaging from the point-of view of the Needle tip or interventional device
  • CEUS Compatible: Distinct from traditional systems, NeedleVue operates effectively even when contrast agents are present, offering enhanced versatility in ultrasound imaging applications;
  • Versatility: NeedleVue’s omni-directional operation permits maneuverability from any angle, whether within or beyond the ultrasound plane, ensuring consistent tracking. This flexibility extends its utility across a wide range of medical procedures.

NeedleVue will offer a true paradigm shift in the clinicians’ ability to localize a surgical device during freehand procedures with improved tissue biopsy and therapeutic success, leading to lessened patient complications and better health outcomes.

NeedleVue Lite Cart
NeedleVue Portable