Needle & Tool Guidance

DeepSight’s proprietary NeedleVue™ solution is a groundbreaking ultrasound-assisted needle guidance technology that will transform interventional procedures from biopsies to drug delivery and regional anesthesia, addressing a pressing need for precise localization of minimally invasive devices under ultrasound visualization.

NeedleVue marries innovative sensor technology with most interventional devices, facilitating real-time verification of placement and significantly reducing procedural guesswork.   Conventional methods often present challenges such as laborious calibration processes, decreased sensitivity, and the necessity for precise angles of incidence.  NeedleVue delivers improvement across the board with its omnidirectional functionality at any plausible ultrasound depth, enhancing functionality and ease-of-use in a true “plug-and-play” solution:

Advantages of NeedleVue include:

  • Unparalleled Precision:  Achieving confident results by eliminating guesswork and ensuring verifiable placement in real-time
  • Enhanced Usability:  A plug-and-play system that eliminates the need for complicated setups or extensive training
  • Adaptability: A portable solution that is easy to integrate with existing Ultrasound systems, supporting and expanding established workflow
  • Versatility:  Omnifunctionality at any ultrasound depth, broadening the scope of its applicability across various medical scenarios

NeedleVue will offer a true paradigm shift in the clinicians’ ability to localize a surgical device during freehand procedures with improved tissue biopsy and therapeutic success leading to lessened patient complications, thus contributing to better health outcomes.