Medical Imaging

DeepSight™ Technology is revolutionizing medical imaging by taking the safest, fastest, most affordable and most accessible imaging modality and delivering a quantum leap in performance.

Diagnostic Imaging

General Imaging Ultrasound Systems
Catheter-based Ultrasound Imaging Solutions

Needle & Tool Guidance

Superior visualization of needle tips and other surgical/interventional tools within the body and relative to target locations

Turbo-charged AI

DeepSight takes AI training to new heights by harnessing the true potential of artificial intelligence through unparalleled ultrasound data acquisition

Development Partnerships
& Technology Licensing

DeepSight will collaborate with industry-leading companies to enhance existing products and drive better healthcare results

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Chicago – Nov. 26–30, 2023
North Hall MS302
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Vienna – Feb. 28-March 3, 2024
Room 2.64, level 2 Austria Center
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